About Us


MARDAC Healthcare Consulting provides the support your company needs for optimization of compliance and security resources. Our skillset is adaptable to meet the needs of companies with two employees in one office or fifteen hundred employees distributed across multiple locations.

Our workshops/presentations cover the traditional and customized application of basics that insure the development of compliance and HIPAA plans. MARDAC’s training gives participants the structure and practical tools to reinforce HIPAA compliance and data security. Sessions are custom designed to meet an organization’s specific needs.

  • HIPAA consulting, auditing & compliance
  • Training
  • Data breaches
  • Development of best practices

Claire Cieri


Claire Cieri is an accomplished and certified Compliance and Privacy/Security healthcare officer. Claire has worked with clinics throughout the Northwest to maintain profitability while still compliant. Her clients range from large and small clinics including primary care, behavioral health, dentistry, and urgent care. Claire was instrumental in helping clinics transition to the HIPAA Omnibus Rules in 2013 by rewriting their Notice of Privacy Practices, business associate agreements and HIPAA policies and procedures. She also developed the required new HIPAA staff trainings for her clients and updates Compliance Plans in support of clinic administrators. Claire is an expert speaker and instructor on all things related to Healthcare Compliance, Privacy and Cybersecurity. She has presented at OrHima, AAPC, COCC and LIPP. Current speaking presentations across Oregon address the OrHima Release of Information workshop which describes patients’ rights to their Medical Records, and basic rules of disclosure according to HIPAA and other Oregon Laws as they affect patients and covered entities


  • HIPAA: training, risk assessments
  • Compliance: plans, training, requirements.
  • Cybersecurity for healthcare: training, what to look for/ how not to become a ransomware statistic.
  • Medical Records and Patients’ Right of Access.