Cybersecurity is often overlooked in healthcare compliance training.

  • Patient Safety
  • Lost revenue/clinic closure
  • Data breaches cost the healthcare industry $5.6 billion annually
  • Malware, ransomware and cloud threats
  • IoT and medical devices


Why a healthcare organization has to care about cybersecurity

However, breaches most often occur in healthcare agencies. We can help train your employees to identify various ransomware schemes by addressing the top best practices for healthcare cybersecurity. The reason most clinics end up paying fines is due to lack of training, risk assessments and policies and procedures.

If you are following various payment value plans such as MACRA, or PCMH, you are required to have compliance plans and security risk assessments.

Under the HIPAA security rules, both covered entities and business associates must meet the requirement to appoint a Security and Privacy officer. Our certifications and experience help you meet those goals if you do not have the staff.

Case Study 3:

A clinic had a “phishing” incident (employee clicked on an unsafe email) that lead to bad actors getting protected health information including Social Security numbers and insurance numbers that could have compromised the livelihood of the clinic

Our Solution:

Cybersecurity training for all staff with testing and real-life scenarios. We suggested updating their risk assessment analysis. We devised new cybersecurity policies and procedures for dealing with, and recognizing false internet and phone exchanges. We also suggested a PEN test done by a reputable security firm.