MARDAC offers compliance training, information and written plans to minimize risk.

Although it is widely believed that employees are the weakest link in terms of compliance and risk, with the right information and training they can become your strongest asset. MARDAC offers personalized and ongoing training that educates and supports your staff in healthcare covered entities. They become your first line of defense in protecting your company’s confidential data.



How to comply and thrive

A successful compliance program promotes efficiency, high-quality care, and an ethical culture that fosters public confidence. The risks associated with failing to create a culture of compliance and the costs of noncompliance are both significant. A successful compliance program addresses the public and private sectors’ mutual goals of reducing fraud and abuse, enhancing healthcare providers’ operations, improving the quality of healthcare services, and reducing the overall cost of healthcare services.

With the increase in regulatory audits and fines that the healthcare industry is facing, it is imperative that organizations be proactive in compliance and revenue practices. MARDAC can help maintain a high level of compliance and efficiency with our systematic approach and current updates.

MARDAC Consulting provides comprehensive support to independent clinics of all medical disciplines. From family practice to dentistry, we work closely with our clients to achieve organizational compliance and develop efficient business practices. Our training supports a cost-efficient solution to your business that is designed to improve the quality and profitability of your business.

  • Prevent fraud, waste and abuse
  • Code of Conduct that reflects your organization
  • Policies and procedures that help safeguard an organization's responsibilities
  • Employee Morale
  • Quality of Care and lower healthcare cost
  • Training

Case Study 1:

A small clinic had a breach of information that involved over 500 patients’ PHI. How did Mardac help the clinic get through this scenario?

Our Solution:

Claire met with the clinic administrator and the head of IT to strategize and map out a timeline. By strictly following the requirements of the Office of Civil Rights for  a breach of over 500 patients, the clinic did not have to pay any fines. We did update all of their HIPAA policies and procedures plus training protocols as required by the OCR, including doing an expanded risk assessment.